Silfen in Groningen

Spotted: the colourful trendy and recycled Silfen bags at Stardust in Groningen!

The young and Danish fashion brother and sister Daniel and Celine dedicate themselves to bringing exquisite and colourful bags under the name of Silfen. And of course, we at Stardust don't just hook up with any Danish designer, but Silfen bags and Stardust form a match made in sustainable heaven due to our shared philosophy. The bags are made of eco-friendly, vegan material, and we love to cooperate with green brands that work towards fashion with a lower footprint and a friendlier (or lesser) effect on the environment by recycling and the use of vegan components. 


Read on below the pictures to find out more about Silfen!




Welcome to universe Silfen

The Silfen bags draw attention by the unique patterns and funky colours: the ideal accessories to emphasize your style and put the dots on the 'i', if you'd ask us! The Silfen siblings want to create a universe in which every individual can express him- or herself exactly as they please: by showing their own style and ideas, but also by outing their unfiltered opinion, thoughts, and wildest creations. Within the coloured reality of Silfen, we are pretty confident this will create an extra layer of happiness in life!


90's style & funky details

Back to black? Well, sure, we agree that a small and compact black bag belongs in every fashion collection, but for our webshop, we curated a special mix of plain, coloured bags (like this apricot coloured bag and this mint coloured hand bag), and this colour-blocked Silfen Ulla Bag Cornflake that seems to be yelling 'NINETIES' even louder than the rest. 


Accessories of recycled PET and vegan leather

Apart from its funky style, we also feel extremely attracted by the broad spectrum of Silfen options: especially their choice for recycled PET plastic, recycled nylon, and vegan materials makes us feel very at home with the brand. In our curated Silfen selection you will, therefore, only find bags out of recycled materials and vegan bags.


Conscious use of fabrics

Silfen spends a lot of attention to their choice of fabrics: by choosing recycled and ecological fabrics they lower their CO₂ imprint. Yet, they do more than 'only' focusing on the conscious use of alternative materials. They also do all they can to make the transportation of their products as efficient and environmental-friendly as they possibly can. During the production process, they choose eco cotton (whenever they don't use recycled PET plastic) to use as little water possible.

Conscious fashion means conscious treatment of humans, too

Besides taking care of the environment, the young and Danish fashion company also believes to be responsible for a healthy working environment, for their own employees and for their suppliers, too. This means that it is guaranteed that child labor is not used. Quite the opposite: the factories that manufacture for Silfen actually make sure that the kids of their employees get the opportunity to go to school. To treat nature with care, and to do the same for the people behind their business: that is part of the mission and vision of Silfen. And Stardust clearly supports all of this. 


Trendy recycled fashion + real vintage = ultimate combo!

That we praise Silfen for their gorgeous, sustainable bags and accessories is probably clear by now. But let's not forget to mention the golden combination of the 90's styled Silfen bags with real vintage available in our Stardust concept store in Groningen. The recycled handbags also go hand-in-hand with items of other accessory brands (such as A-Brend Jewelry and This Is The Shit) and fellow brands with similarly sustainable values, like Dr. Denim jeans

We can't wait to see you in our store! Of course, you can also get your new favourite handbag by buying your Silfen bag online.