Ace Dusk Gold Necklace

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Unique handmade necklace from Amsterdam based jewelry brand Felt Atelier. The beautiful Abe shape combined with a chunky link hanging on a thick, golden, light-weight, stainless steel US-army chain.

- Necklace made from strong 316L stainless steel material

- Extra light weight

- Amoeba is handmade (and hand-drawn) with resin

- Chain is 40 cm

- Sustainably made

'' ‘Feeling every little thing’ is the acronym of the brand which showcases the idea of celebrating all feelings. Felt is there to provoke positive feelings in a world where grayness & dullness is taking over. Felt brings color, and joy, with a quirky elegance. Striving to make the world and your mind brighter and lighter.

Sustainability is normality for Felt, with every collection we look carefully at where we can still grow in this subject. A large part of the collection is made to order, which means that the product is made when it is ordered. As a result, deadstock is reduced and the majority of items actually have a destination.

Felt’s ‘Amoeba’ items are made from with bio resin; organic resin made from biobased raw materials. This has drastically reduced CO2 emissions and the use of mineral raw materials such as petroleum.'' - Felt Atelier