Where to shop the very best vintage? In Groningen of course!

Curated vintage by us

Hand-selected and personally curated by us: spotted with our own eyes and picked with our own hands! (In case you didn’t know: we are twin sisters, and we run Stardust Store in Groningen). Especially for you, we travel to Berlin, Paris, and other funky and hip places, where you could see us running by endless racks of clothing, chasing down unique vintage items. International vintage from all over the globe,  known and unknown brands of the highest quality possible, of which we only pick our personal favourites. We only pick pieces we would love to wear ourselves, too.

The best vintage in Groningen

From all those trendy spots, near and far, we only bring back the most precious and best vintage pieces to Groningen. 80s vintage, 90s vintage, sporty vintage, and ‘haute’ brand vintage to die for: only that special kind — and nothing less than that — is what we offer you in the Stardust vintage collection. Unique vintage, hand-selected for you, by us!


(By the way… did you know that we have new brands in our shop and webshop, too? Not only are they super cool: they are also among the most sustainable brands!)


From spring to summer vintage

Yes: we got your vintage heart covered in the warmer times of the year! You will easily find a summer outfit consisting only of second-hand fashion with items that still last many more years (or owners) to come! You don’t even have to leave Groningen to score unique vintage items that you won’t find anywhere else. When you think summer vintage, think frivolous and airy crop tops, summery shirts, tie-dye t-shirts with festival vibes, super cool leggings, and vintage jeans shorts. And every so often we get really lucky (and so do you), when we find true gems, like a bikini that is so typically 80s, with high-cut bottoms in shiny spandex, plus accessories that are unmistakably 80s and 90s, too.

From autumn to winter vintage

The colder seasons are perfect for wearing beautiful vintage, curated by us! Fun teddy and faux fur with a previous life, for example. Look at those jumpers that are worn before, but whose shades and shapes are still (or again?) in perfect conditions to rock your outfit today! Unique winter pieces, such as those 90s signature fleece sweaters and fluffy fake fur jackets with animal prints. Ski and snowboard outfits in funky acid colours, which you should definitely use to brighten up a random, typical Dutch winter day in the city. As an extra layer: fun shirts and buttoned shirts in soft and sweet pastels, plus pants with graphic retro prints. And we will ALWAYS make sure to have your perfect vintage jeans, too. Year-round.



Remade fashion & sustainable fashion

As we briefly mentioned before, we also have a selection of new and trendy brands in our collection. Not just any cool brands: we also chose them because they are sustainable brands, doing their best to produce in a less harmful way to diminish the ecological footprint of fashion. Some of them make use of used, recycled materials: remade fashion. A few of the sustainable brands that we represent are remade bag brand Silfen and T.I.T.S. (This Is The Shit). You will find those beauties in our physical store in Groningen and in our Stardust Store webshop.

Shop with a happy heart!

Guilt-free shopping is possible if you opt for vintage clothing. By wearing items that already existed, and that are made to exist for many more years to come instead of buying new clothes, your shopping has a way lower CO2 impact. Besides, you are about a 100% sure to be the only one wearing that special find of yours! Not ready to go fully vintage, but exploring your options for sustainable shopping? Then recycled and remade fashion is your go-to. And so is Stardust, as this is where you will find the best remade fashion and the best vintage in Groningen!

We hope to soon see you try on some of our vintage in-store or whilst roaming around in our webshop. 



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