lemo shorts ribstop

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These Lemo Shorts Ribstop by Just Junkies are your future favourite black shorts for men this spring-summer season! The stretchy fabric makes them extremely comfy and ideal for the beach. Don't be fooled though: they dress-up perfectly with a buttoned shi


Just Junkies

''Just Junkies is a Danish fashion brand designing casual clothing with a twist of Scandinavian attitude. The company has existed since 2009 and is located in Odense, with a showroom in Copenhagen. Just Junkies started out as a small company with big ambitions; but today, they are a recognized brand, exporting to countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

When the company was launched in 2009 it was called Denim Junkies, as their primary focus back then was on jeans. Since then, collections have been expanded to include much more than just jeans. Today, Just Junkies designs & produces jackets, knits, shirts, sweat, t-shirts and yes, of course, jeans. Hence the name change to Just Junkies.