Things I Like Things I Love in Groningen


Things I Like Things I love: now in Groningen!

Hi! Are you looking to find out where to shop Things I Like Things I Love in Groningen? Well, you have reached your destination! At Stardust in Groningen, you find many clothes and accessories of this unique fashion label. You can visit our webshop as well as our special concept store in Groningen to buy Things I Like Things I Love products. On this page, you will find more background info about this great Dutch brand!

The Dutch roots of Things I Like Things I Love

Fashion brand Things I Like Things I Love is deeply rooted in the heart of The Netherlands. Petra Verwaal and Sanne Overmaat have been living in Amsterdam for many years. It’s the city where they have been rummaging around thrift stores and secondhand markets for a long time, scouting the most fabulous vintage clothing and interior treasures. Friends often joked around, teasing them to start a little pop-up store, so they themselves could buy all the cool stuff off of them. In 2012, the girls answered the jokingly created invitation by organizing the very first Things I Like Things I Love event!


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 From pop-up shop to webshop

Initially, the Things I Like Things I Love event was a one-time thing. It was organized and shared through Facebook, and Bloemenbar, a night café in the heart of Amsterdam, was its venue. Both the online attention and the actual number of people showing up at the event went through the roof! There was no way possible a sequel would not follow. Also, the Things I Like Things I Love webshop now was kind of a must: it was just the most logical, natural next step. However, the arising question was, “Where on earth do we store all those things?”.

From webshop to physical store

Of course, it was in Amsterdam that the Things I Like Things I love ladies started looking for storage. Luckily enough, they got offered a pretty perfect storage room… with an actual store space connected to it. The only ‘side effect’ of saying “yes” to this offer would be that they would also have to host an actual shop for a minimum of 3 evenings per week. So, as they say, one thing led to the next. And this is exactly how the fairytale went: the first Things I Like Things I Love store in Amsterdam was a fact.

Het Things I Like Things I Love imperium

Like in fairytales, sometimes a little Stardust is all that is needed to spark off an idea. When hard work and dedication then take over, this can result in a tremendously cool and popular brand, like Things I Like Things I Love.

Now, 20 years later, they have several concept stores, an online webshop, and several lucky Things I Like Things I Love resellers, like ourselves, sell their ‘things’. No longer will you only find secondhand clothing, accessories and interior items, but the shops are still always filled with ‘things they like’. And of course, you will discover TILTIL fashion collections: clothes from their Things I Like Things I Love label.


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TILTIL style

And it’s precisely these clothes and fashion items by Things I Like Things I Love that we now sell at Stardust, in our concept store in Groningen and our Stardust webshop.

The typical Things I Like Things I Love style is hard to describe, but it does often have a retro touch, giving you that super relaxed yet fashionable and cool look. Some might say it fits the ‘vintage style’ label, too, with its 90s vibes beautifully mixed with other fashion trends, creating the unique TILTIL signature.

Things I Like Things I Love at Stardust in Groningen!

We feel extreme pride for selling such a beautiful Dutch brand like Things I Like Things I Love in our concept store in Groningen! Stardust works with a variety of local Dutch brands with a vintage, trendy style. The items that you will find in our webshop and concept store are hand-selected by us. In other words… also in our Stardust Store, you will mainly find the THINGS WE LIKE and the THINGS YOU WILL LOVE! Come over anytime… soon!