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Lomography is back

26 - 03 - 2016 | Blog, Gadgets, Nieuws

After some time Lomo is back at Stardust! Experiment with different camera’s and film, for beginning and advanced photographers!


Poeslief merchandise

16 - 03 - 2016 | Blog, Events, Fashion, Nieuws

Groningen is going to have a new cat cafe! To help the girls from Poeslief realise this dream, we are selling their undeniably cute merchandise. After the release party there are only a few items left, so don’t wait too long before you get yours!¬†


How to wear… Raincoats

18 - 10 - 2015 | Blog, Fashion, Nieuws

This season you won’t be getting away with those disposable rain ponchos anymore! Raincoats are making a comeback and we got some pretty cool vintage ones in store for you ūüėČ Here’s how to wear them.



4 - 10 - 2015 | Fashion, Nieuws

Introducing our new family member! RVCA clothing was founded by Pat Tenore and Conan Hayes, a professional surfer from Hawaii. This is why RVCA is often associated with the skateboard, surf and graffiti/streetart culture. The brand is based in California, but now also available at Stardust in Groningen!


How to wear… breton caps

14 - 09 - 2015 | Blog, Fashion, Nieuws

Not only is a boatman’s cap extremely practical for use onboard against sun, sea and rain, if you can pull it off you can also look extremely good in the process! Go French and combine it with some stripes or spice it up with some leather and faux fur!… Lees meer


How to wear… suede shirts

23 - 08 - 2015 | Blog, Nieuws

Sunny or rainy weather.. you’ll always look good in one of these vintage suede beauties. Wear them with your Levi’s shorts to a festival or as a jacket when the day gets cloudy. The musthave item for this fall!



12 - 06 - 2015 | Fashion, Nieuws

From now on we sell some of the lovely items from MY-OH-MY Amsterdam. Their items are a mix of vintage customized, new hand-picked clothing, accessories and handmade jewellery. MY-OH-MY is a pop-up store based in Amsterdam.


How to wear… Casio watches

4 - 06 - 2015 | Fashion, Nieuws

Some call it old school, others call it hipster or mainstream… But we think it’s never¬†too late to buy yourself a Casio watch! We have a small collection of watches in store now (silver, gold and black). Prices are between 30 en 60 euro per watch.

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-21 om 12.31.29

FAN-TASTIC, PRE FALL 2015 collection Cheap Monday

5 - 05 - 2015 | Fashion, Nieuws

A collection inspired by fans and crazy stalkers with scribbly autograph prints. Hollywood sun bleached fabrics and clothes torn from trespassing through barbed wire fences. #cheapmonday #fan-tastic #prefall2015 #stardustgroningen


NEW IN STORE. Alfredo Gonzalez

16 - 04 - 2015 | Nieuws

Meet our newest lifestyle sock brand in store. The founder of this small brand, unknown to many, but a legend to some‚Ķis Alfredo Gonzalez.¬†¬†Inspired by, things. Things he just loves.¬†¬† Stardust sells his socks for both men and women. ¬†A pair of sock costs 10 euro or buy one… Lees meer


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