OUT NOW. Native Youth Spring Summer 2015

30 - 04 - 2015 | Fashion


Conceived from the intent to create socially relevant menswear aimed at showcasing the eccentricities of British design with refined precision; Native Youth’s SS15 collection bears witness to a visual surge in confidence for the burgeoning Manchester born brand.

The campaign, the most progressive so far sees the brand prove that even through Youth is in the name, the collection is far from just that. The team shot with 21 year old Jake Barratt alongside David Gant, who at 72 years old wears the clothes as well as his younger counterpart.

When asked what advice David would give to his younger counter part Jake on his aspiring career as a model, his simply answered, “I have no advice, other than — be yourself. You are who you are and that is your greatest asset.”

In true testament to his advice Native Youth have through constant research, global travel, and thorough critique again created a range of solid Spring/Summer essentials, whilst continuing to remain true to their original design philosophy – to be themselves and make clothes that guys actually want to wear.


The collection itself is packed with relaxed lines and modern fits. Casual wear runs the game in styles and looks; enzyme washed cotton trimmed with space dye jersey create the Bronson two piece, a Japanese worker inspired take on the traditional tracksuit.

An ageless core of blue hues is uplifted with warmer shades of sage green, oxblood and rust throughout the range. Coordinating elements consisting of short-sleeve button-downs and shorts, is highlight the collection with reworked versions of digital geometric prints and minimalist monochromes. Strong outerwear pieces top things off nicely with light weight parkas and stripped back updates of the traditional cotton mac being a treat to the eye.

Bron: Huf Magazine

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